What are the advantages to using multi-currency on e-commerce websites?

Multi-currency support means that shoppers can pay 💸 for your products or services using the currency they are already comfortable with, including cryptocurrency.

This way you get:
✅ — No extra charges and ensured customer loyalty. Using multi-currency helps the customer avoid being charged extra fees for currency conversion on their credit card. When customers see extra charges, they are far less likely to want to purchase from your website in the future.
✅ — Reducing cart abandonment, refunds, chargebacks. Multi-currency reduces shopping cart abandonment and can minimize refund and chargeback rates.
✅ — More customers. The marketplace has expanded to include buyers on virtually every continent. If your shopping cart software is set up to accept multi-currency payments, your website will be all the more appealing to all consumers.
✅ — Better competitiveness. At one time, merchants only needed to worry about the neighboring retailers. However, today’s cosmopolitan economy means that entrepreneurs must be conscious about competitors from all over the world.

Banxe financial instrument offers services to expand your business❗ You can accept payments in cryptocurrency and immediately manage them in a convenient way in a single Banxe app.

An exchange for fiat/crypto money and investment in income is possible through:
🔹- CEx — spot, margin and future trading
🔹- P2P — direct buy / sell of crypto between clients
🔹- DeFi — deposits, loans, swaps, stablecoins

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