Top 7 Benefits of EOS Decentralized Platform🏆

EOS is one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies right now. EOS has recently released their mainnet. There are many benefits of EOS blockchain:

1️⃣dApps. EOS works as a decentralized platform so smart contracts are not needed.
2️⃣ Free Transactions. With EOS, operations or services can be done without any costs.
3️⃣ Governance. EOS uses a voting system on a governance structure model.
4️⃣ Easy of use for Developers.
5️⃣ Simple Hard Forks with fewer risks. If a conflict of interest occurs, block producers will freeze the platform.
6️⃣ ICO Friendly. Anyone can host ICO on the platform. Also, there is no need to write smart contracts, making EOS more developer-friendly.
7️⃣ Self-sustaining. The EOS platform will continuously reward block producers for their work, and it will also fund dApps proposal from the community every year.

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